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Yup, that's right! You need to get in front of the camera so your audience can see the face behind the business. It's not always the most fun, but with the right photographer it can be! Get outside or surround yourself in your element for a more natural, relatable look.


Where do you do most of your work? Behind a computer, do you meet clients at a coffee shop, do you have a storefront, or an office? Show where you work...people love seeing a little "behind the scenes" of what you do.


What inspiration connects you to your work? Maybe it's a location or an inspiring book. Is it your family or your home?


Do you sell physical products? You can highlight these through detailed images of them in use or on yourself if you sell jewelry or clothing, fo example.

Your Favorite Things

Images of your favorite things may not be the best for direct marketing, however this goes with the, people love to see behind the scenes. This would be more of the behind the scenes of your life :) These images can be sprinkled throughout your social media and on your About Me page of your website. Maybe use your favorite flower, or a favorite article of clothing. What activities to you enjoy, the beach, biking, hiking, reading on a park bench, hanging out with friends? These are all things you can plan with your

photographer to help tell your brand's story.

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