Back to School! A fun and easy way to remember the day.

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

Down here in Tampa FL, schools are already going back in session! I'm still getting use to the earlier start as I grew up in NY and taught in VA, both started after Labor Day. However, I certainly don't feel like I've missed out on the summer months since it feels like summer most of the year down here! I have to admit, I miss the signs of Fall...leaves changing color, throwing on a sweater, wearing my boots that are collecting dust in the back of my closet, apple picking, you get the picture!

I've been making sure to keep up with some traditions to celebrate this time of year, not only for my kids, but for me! And as a photographer, attempting a nice 1st day of school photo is a must! A few years ago when my son started preschool, I made a list of all the things he, tv shows, food...and used a super easy {and free} website, PicMonkey to add that list to his photo. This could be done for birthday's as well!

Here are a few examples and tips to help remember this time in your kiddo's life!

1. Get down on their level!

Take a few photos to get their outfit (because you know you love looking back at what YOU worn), then zoom in or get closer to get a few head shots. In the example below I offset my son and photographed him at an angle against this wall. I knew I wanted to add wording and didn't want the distraction of anything in the background.

2. Use a fun font that matches your child's style and age.

If Photoshop is not your thing, then you can use a site like PicMonkey! There is a membership you can purchase if you want access to all the features, but I think the free ones are great for using once in a while!

I used a small aperture for my camera setting to achieve the bokeh, or blur of the background. This helped the words stand out a little more.

3. Get the details!

The morning of the first day of school can be hectic! So, if you miss a photo opt before they head off, snap a few photos either a few days or the night before while preparing for school. You can also take some after school photos! Be creative and have fun with it!

Here are some great examples from SimpleAsThat

If you're looking to have professional photos done to capture the start of the school year, check out my portfolio and contact me to book a unique session with your kids!

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