Child Beach Session

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

The beach is a popular choice. It makes sense since we are in Florida! I love working with families, but once in a while I get to photograph a child all by themselves...and it's one of my favorite sessions.

I always have a plan on how the session will go, for example guiding poses of them sitting, standing, or sometimes laying on the ground, but most of the session is just capturing them being a kid!

I may prompt them to run to me or around me, skip rocks in the water, hang from a low tree branch, and use our environment to promote them being a kid.

Letting them explore let's them be comfortable in front of the camera and I'm able to get those "Grandma shots" (images you would want to send to Grandma!) of them smiling and sitting still.

Throughout the session, I will stop and show them the back of my camera...especially in the beginning. They love seeing the images of themselves and often times will take over as "creative director" and start coming up with idea on what to do next!

For child only sessions, it's best for only one parent or guardian to come. Moms I've worked with have been wonderful giving me the freedom to direct their child and trust that they'll be delivered a gallery full of their child's personality.

Allyson Ward is a natural light photographer who specializes in family photography.

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