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Updated: Jun 24

Summer is a perfect time to create a bucket list of things to do or just sit back and relax...or why not both! It‘s also a fun time to document some memories through photos and video. Since our phones are usually within reach, make sure to capture spontaneous moments or even plan out a few images you want to get. Here are a few tips for helping you think ahead:

The water!

When we lived in Florida, we had a pool we could swim in practically all year round. All three of our children have gone through a survival swim class and can all canon ball with the best of them. Our youngest who’s 3 yells “candy ball” and I think that’s the cutest thing in the world!

However, we moved to Wisconsin and it's a whoooole other ball game! Summer is much shorter, which for me, makes it sweeter. Now we plan our days around making sure we get outside and near the water (although, man Lake Michigan is cold!!)

Take short case you need a laugh, slow motion and a slip-n-slide is gold...and snap some photos of your little ones jumping in the pool or running through a sprinkler! If you have a dslr and know how to change your shutter speed, then bring it up to freeze the water and get the fun on your child’s face!

Summer fruit!

In my mind watermelon = summer. It brings me back to barbecues at the face covered in watermelon juices and seeing how far we can spit the seeds (now they have seedless watermelon which is totally not a fun!). Get a big ol‘ watermelon, popsicles, or any other food you associate with summer and capture some photos of your family enjoying it, mess and all!


Ok, we haven't done the camping thing yet. However, my sister does! They go all over Wisconsin and send the best pics back. They also have a fire pit in their back yard, so my kids think they are camping. when we sit around it roasting marshmallows!


The sunset anytime of year is amazing, but there's something about a summer sunset that I love. Maybe it's because the days are so much longer and it's a sign for everyone to start settling down, or the warmth of summer and listening to the crickets. Capturing your family just hanging out enjoying that sunset is magical.

I love to take a few silhouettes of my families or couples as the sun is going down. Then I'll run to the other side of them and take photos of the warm colors the sun is casting on their faces.

So, soak up (literally) the summer time and experiment throughout the day with the lighting!

Do you have another favorite thing to photograph during the summer? I'd love to here it in the comments below!!

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