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Updated: Feb 7, 2019

I am a dog person. We've had cats in my family that I've had love/hate relationships with (I swear we had a cat that wanted me dead...not kidding), so dogs have always been my jam.

We have 2 dogs now who were our "kids" until we had human kids, then they became dogs. But they are still a big part of our family! They are included in our Christmas cards, I have pictures of them hanging on the wall next to our kids, and our "first born", Enzo still still thinks he's a human, however, our other dog, Emma knows she's an actual dog.

I always say yes when a family asks to bring their dog! It can sometimes be a little tricky managing, but the results are always great!

If you're not planning on having your dog in every photo, then it may be a good idea to have a friend come along to help take care of them. Although I've held dogs on their leashes and taken pictures at the same time!

I always take individuals of each dog to add to the gallery!

*Allyson Ward Photography will be relocating to Sheboygan, Wisconsin early 2019! Contact me to book your Spring/Summer session in the Sheboygan County area.


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