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Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Photographers have different approaches and styles. There is lots of influence out there and I'll be honest, I've tried to replicate other photographers styles, but always came back to what I like.

Some styles are "moody" meaning darker, warmer colors and some are more "light and airy"...brighter images with more blue and pink tones. I am somewhere in the middle! And sometimes, it all depend on the light, the location, and the subject. I can look at a gallery of images after editing and notice that the colors do not all look the same...and I like it like that! I love the range and this happens because I move my families around a lot. We are in shadows, with the sunshine, moving into trees, or in front of water...all of that changes the my images.

However one thing will stay consistent. You are the subject and main focus in every frame.

My photography is a mix of traditional and lifestyle. This means that you'll have images where you are posed (but not overly posed!) and I'll have you look at the camera...these are the "Grandma shots" because you know Grandma wants a copy framed on her wall! But then I'll have you interact and you get more of the lifestyle images showing a little more emotion.

I do not use props, frankly because I'm not comfortable using them at sessions! I want my families or seniors to be the focus. However, if there is something special you'd love to incorporate, we will definitely use it! This is perfect for High School Seniors to show off a talent like an instrument or sport.

My portfolio is a great representation of my work and what you can look forward to through your images. I don't try to follow trends in editing, because I want these images to be classic and true to your personality.

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