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Updated: Aug 8, 2019

All photographers do things a little differently and I've had my fair share of tweaks when it comes to how I run my sessions. Today I'd like to share what you can expect during your family photo session. Of course, not everything can be planned...especially when you involve the kiddos! But I feel that having an idea of what to expect helps things go a little more smoothly.

When you arrive:

I always build in a few extra minutes to start with. Some families are ready to go right at that time, others need some time to prepare of just to take a breath!

I like to spend the first few minutes chatting with you and especially your kids. There's nothing like a strange lady sticking a big camera in your face the second you meet her! I want them to feel comfortable with me and for all the stress levels to drop before I take the first photo. With that being said, this is the time for you, the parents to take a few deep breaths! Don't feel the pressure to get your children to constantly look at the camera and smile...that's my job!!

The kiddos:I was an elementary school teacher before having 3 kids of my own. I know when a little one needs a break and honestly, I love break time! That's when I usually will run around or play a quick game with your kids. It looses them up, gives you a moment, and results in some great images.

First photos:

I almost always start a session with group photos. It will give your children some time to get use to the camera...they are in your arms or holding your hand. We'll take traditional, posed, everyone looking at the camera photos, then I'll walk you through some poses where you are interacting with each other.

Combination photos:

We'll then break up the group and take different combinations, Mom with kids, Dad with kids, the kids alone and all together, etc.

Mom + Dad:

Many parents tell me they haven't had professional photos taken since their wedding day! So, I always make sure to get Mom and Dad together.

Also, I love images of families holding hand while walking, so expect that as well!

I guarantee you'll have lots of variety in your gallery!

Are you ready to start planning your session? I'd love to hear about what you are looking for Hit 'Contact' at the top of the page to send me an email!

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